Dr Garcia joins the Redenlab science team to drive its language analytics pipeline for cognitive-linguistic disorders like fronto-temporal dementia.

      Dr Geoff Stuart joins the Redenlab analytics team as Statistics Director. Geoff will be running the company’s clinical trials statistics program and data analytics development. He brings expertise in mathematical statistics and a background in experimental psychology.

        Professor Angela Morgan has been recognised for her outstanding leadership in advancing the diagnosis, prognosis and management of childhood speech disorders.

          Welcome Dr Noffs. Gustavo brings a wealth of clinical and research experience to the team, making contributions to tech development and science promotion, with a focus on his specialties of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

            We are excited to announce that Redenlab Speech Scientists ranked top 1 AND 2 in the world for dysarthria (most common neuromuscular speech disorder)!

              Describing the relationship between disease severity and speech metrics, through listener-based and objective acoustic analysis.