Objectively measure speech in Parkinson’s disease patients with great precision

In 2020, an estimated 9.4 million people globally were living with Parkinson’s disease, with numbers increasing to 12.7 million people by 2027. Coupled with the subjective nature of current Parkinson’s disease monitoring assessment methods, there is a need for sensitive, scalable and meaningful assessments of disease monitoring. Redenlab is a world leader in the development of speech data capture and analysis tools, creating objective motor speech and cognitive-linguistic-based assessments. Their approach has proven utility in industry and academic driven studies, enhancing decision making at each stage of the drug development and evaluation process.

ParkinSong: a clinical trial turn PD treatment

Working with scientists from the Conservatorium of Music at The University of Melbourne in Australia, Redenlab assisted in outcome measure design and analysis for a randomized trial of ParkinSong, a group therapy session for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Since its clinical trial, the therapy has been employed across Australia by Parkinson’s Australia, an Australian advocacy group dedicated to improving the quality of life of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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    While speech biomarkers of disease have attracted increased interest in recent years, a challenge is that features derived from signal...
      Face to face singing therapy can improve speech in PD. Have a look at our previous work published in Neurorehabilitation...

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      • Posted on 13 July, 2023
        Redenlab are thrilled to announce that Dr. Peter Gibilisco has joined Redenlab's advisory board. As a consumer advisor with profound insights into the importance of speech and its changes with disease, Dr. Gibilisco brings invaluable...
        • Posted on 30 March, 2023
          Redenlab are partnering with Monash university, University of Melbourne, Eastern Health, and Invicta to deliver this world-first collaboration investigating neurofilament light chain and voice for diagnosing dementia. Funded by the Medical Research Future Fund, the...