Redenlab’s Chief Science Officer, Adam P. Vogel, PhD, leads groundbreaking study on speech analysis for neurodegenerative diseases


Melbourne, 19 January 2024 — Redenlab, a leader in innovative healthcare solutions, is
pleased to announce a groundbreaking study led by Chief Science Officer, Adam P. Vogel,
PhD. The study, recently published in the IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and
Rehabilitation Engineering, delves into the potential of using machine learning to analyse
speech acoustics for the accurate identification of neurodegenerative diseases.

Key findings:

  • Speech markers demonstrate high accuracy in distinguishing between diseases and
    healthy speech
  • 21 acoustic features, including spectral qualia, spectral power, and speech rate,
    serve as robust markers of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Machine learning and speech analysis present opportunities for diagnostics, disease
    monitoring, and refining test selection for differential diagnosis

Adam Vogel commented, “Digital objective measures of speech were able to separate the
speech of individuals with different diseases. This approach, using sophisticated signal
processing and machine learning, could help triage diagnostic pathways at initial medical
consults before specialist services are involved.”

The study, co-authored by Adam Vogel and team, highlights the potential for speech
analysis to be a remote tool for detecting signs of neurodegenerative diseases, expanding
our understanding of clinical characteristics, and improving targeted interventions.

To access the full study, please visit here.

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Gloria Macan
Director, Marketing and Communications

About Redenlab:
Redenlab is a leading techbio company specialising in speech analysis and linguistic
assessment tools. With a mission to enhance decision-making in clinical trials and healthcare
research, Redenlab leverages leading knowledge in communication and technology to
measure and analyse speech patterns, providing valuable insights into neurological
conditions. Their innovative solutions are paving the way for improved monitoring and
diagnostics, personalised treatment plans, and transformative advancements in
neuroscience research.

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