Clinical trials

Our speech tests are valid, quick and reliable, with demonstrated sensitivity to subtle disease or treatment induced change

Academic & health research

Speech tests and analysis solutions for academic collaborations and public-industry engagement.

recording solutions

Speech software and hardware solutions capable of meeting regulatory requirements for security and integrity of data in clinical trials, including 21 CFR Part 11.


Speech testing to guide decision-making in clinical trials & health research.

Redenlab’s flexible technologies assist in the standardization and measurement of speech study outcomes. Redenlab’s expertise in speech protocol development and analysis ensures assessment approaches are tailored to the clinical and practical needs of specific population trial requirements.

Redenlab speech tests are based on solid brain-behavior models. Information derived from quantifiable changes in speech can be used to make informed decisions about patient functioning and CNS integrity. Our work has focused on improving the mechanisms for acquiring, analyzing and interpreting acoustic (objective speech measurement) data for use in clinical trials. We can advise sponsors on the best approach to acquire and analyze speech to guide decisions about treatment efficacy.