Gloria Macan
Director of Marketing and Communications

Gloria Macan is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Redenlab, where she brings a wealth of expertise in strategic marketing and communications spanning over a decade. With a strong background in various industries including media and finance, Gloria has held leadership positions that have honed her skills in developing effective marketing strategies.

Prior to joining Redenlab, Gloria served as the Head of Marketing at Fairfax, where she played a pivotal role in driving the organisation’s marketing initiatives. Her strategic vision and leadership have consistently delivered impactful marketing and communications campaigns.

In addition to her marketing experience, Gloria has a unique background as an English coach for foreign and visually impaired students, showcasing her dedication to helping others overcome communication barriers. This experience has further enriched her understanding of the importance of effective communication in diverse contexts.

At Redenlab, Gloria leads the marketing, communications, and brand strategy, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand presence. She is committed to driving the development and delivery of innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences and amplify Redenlab’s mission of transforming lives through improved communication.

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